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Flow Slider jQuery Plugin.

Flow Slider is a JavaScript thumbnail slider. Flow Slider is customizable, skinnable, fashionable, and looks great on every site. Impress your visitors and make navigation more intuitive!

Lawton, Oklahoma
by duggar11
Bradford University
by Tim Green aka atoach
Bloomintion, Illionois
by Todd Ryburn
Location Unknown
by Fevi Yu
Location Unknown
by Mohamed Malik
Key West, Florida
by Serge Melki
Franconian city of Würzburg
by Axel-D
by apdk
Chennai Beach
by raj_nair81
by baaker2009
Havana Airport
by ahisgett

Basic Slider

Just move your mouse over the slider and it will follow

Around Center

Slider moves as you move your mouse away from center

Drag, Wheel, & Keys

Grab and drag the slider or use scrollwheel, or ←→ keys

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Flow Slider is Simply Better

What's the fuss about?

Flow Slider is a jQuery plugin that lets you slide your HTML content as you always dreamed to.

Browsers in the Game

Flow Slider supports all browsers you like and even some you don't like.

Fast and Furious Inside

Flow Slider is optimized to run smoothly and programmed to save the precious CPU time of your browser.

CSS3 Transition Ready

Flow Slider can use CSS3 transition property for smoother sliding due hardware acceleration, and fall back gracefully to JavaScript in IE.

Customize your Slider

With Flow Slider you can change transition effects, choose controllers, attach events, interact with the slider, and dress it in any design.

    position: 0.5,
    marginStart: 50,

External Content Support

Flash movies or iframes in your slider? No problem, Flow Slider will still work.

You can also touch it

Now, it also supports touch events on your touch devices and drag events on your less touchy devices.

Easy to Get Started

Flow Slider is extremely simple to set-up. Create any HTML structure and write only one line of JavaScript.

Not sure?
See setup instruction.

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